Bunn Ultra 2 Slush Machine Review and Buying Guide

If the idea of being able to have a frozen drink at your at any time sounds interesting to you, then you’ve come to the right place.

bunn ultra 2 slush machine

Today we’ll be reviewing and taking a closer look at Bunn Ultra 2 Slush Machine, we’ll look at its features, usability, pros and cons and a lot more, in fact, we’ll be sharing absolutely everything we at SlushieMachineGuide.com liked and disliked about the Bunn Ultra 2.

One big factor that differentiates the Bunn Ultra 2 Granita Machine from other slush makers is the fact that it has 2 hoppers.

Each of them having the capacity to hold 3 gallons of drinks. Since it contains two bowls, you can prepare two different kinds of drinks at the same time.

Thus, if you are looking for something other than your regular carbonated drinks, you can use this slush machine to turn any kind of drink into delicious slush.

Bunn Ultra 2 Slush Machine Features

The BUNN slush maker has many useful features, here’s a list of a few we liked most:

Super easy to serve drinks
Whenever we hosted a party, then Bunn Ultra 2 Granita machine was always a big hit. Its 2 levers on the front of each tank make it extremely easy to pour yourself a slushie.

Even though the capacity of the slush machine is 6 gallons, we kept finding it empty, if that’s not a good sign, we don’t know what is!

bunn ultra slush machine

Touch display with useful tips
There’s a little display on the front of the machine that ensures the machine is being cleaned and maintained properly, it’s a great factor that prolongs the slush maker’s life span.

Easy to operate and assemble
Since the Bunn slush maker is a bit bigger than your regular slushie machine, you don’t have to worry, as the machine is still very simple to assemble, but also operate.

No matter if you’re buying the machine for home or restaurant use, you can rest assured you won’t have any trouble using it. Want to know how easy it is to use? Stick around, as we’ll be sharing that shortly.

Extended warranty
The usual warranty included with ice drink dispensers is about a year or so, but that’s not the case with the Bunn Granita Machine, as it comes with a 2-year parts warranty and a 5-year compressor warranty, as well as great support!

Step by step guide to using the Bunn Ultra 2 Slush Machine

To prepare frozen or semi-frozen drinks you need to follow the following steps:

  1. First, open the lid of the hopper and slide it back to unlock it from the machine.
  2. Next, pour the slushie mix/flavor of preference into the hopper and relock it back to the machine.
  3. Press the ‘ON/OFF’ button to switch on the power of the dispenser.
  4. Press and release the designated ‘ON/OFF’ switch to start the auger motor
  5. Press and release the ‘OFF/ICE/CHILL’ button and select the ‘ICE’ option to freeze the mix in the selected hopper.
    If you are planning to prepare chilled drinks, select the ‘CHILL’ option instead of ice.
  6. Wait till the liquid turns cold or reaches the texture of your choice.

Irrespective of whether it is a liquid concentrate or granulated powder, we recommend mixing all the products before pouring them in the hopper.

While using the Bunn Granita Machine, you must keep in mind…

We recommend thawing the product in the dispenser every day, overnight. If left frozen for a long time, the ice granules can get too large and it would make it difficult to maintain the consistency of the drink. Thus, we suggest to turn the ‘Night mode’ on for a few hours and return it to ‘Day mode’ when you feel that the product has thawed enough.

bunn ultra-2 gourmet ice frozen drink system

Pros – What we loved about the Bunn Granita Machine

Like many other users, we also liked this product, here’s why…

A wide variety of frozen drink types
No matter what types of cold beverages you prefer, Bunn Ultra Slush Machine can help you make them.

Easy to clean
Different parts of this slush machine such as the tank, horizontal auger, and others are all detachable. Thus they are super easy to clean. You can follow the instructions mentioned in the manual to disassemble, clean and reassemble the unit.

Ideal for party and personal use
Whether you are planning to make refreshments for yourself, your family or for a large gathering, Bunn Ultra 2 slush machine is a great choice as it features 2 tanks with 6 gallons of capacity in total.

Digital screen
By using the digital screen you can adjust the consistency of your preferred drink, another thing we loved is that you can have a different texture in each one of the tanks.

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Cons – What could be improved

No Auto-Refill
One of the things we missed is the option for auto-refill, thus you need to add the water-liquid mix manually.

Bunn Ultra 2 Slush Machine Customer Reviews

Moe says: “Good machine, would recomend to buy.”

Moe posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review on Amazon

Bashar says: “Excellent mechine works great, very very helpful seller, thank you.”

Bashar posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review on Amazon

TK says: “Bunn Ultra 2 – a terrific buy in Texas for football season.”

TK posted 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) review on Amazon

Bunn Ultra 2 Review Summary

Bunn Ultra 2 Gourmet ICE Frozen Drink System allows you to prepare your desired chilled or frozen beverages at the comfort of your home.

 It is easy to use, clean and maintain. With the help of this unit, you can turn any kind of alcoholic beverage, soda, juice and more into a slushie.

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