Nostalgia Slush Machine RSM650 – Retro Slushie Maker Review!

nostalgia slush machine

To stay cool in the summer, people, of all ages, turn to frozen drinks such as slushies, frappes, and smoothies. Usually, the blenders available on the market are not meant to crush ice for longer periods of time, as that can damage the machine.

Not all blenders can provide the desired consistency of your preferred frozen drink. Thus, a slushie maker designed for this purpose is highly recommended.

Luckily the Nostalgia Slush Machine is made for one and one purpose only, it’s made to help you make a variety of frozen drinks, right at home and today the team is going to share our full review of the machine. 😉

You can prepare your preferred drink at any time and enjoy the refreshing taste of slushies. 

No matter if you’re looking for refreshment on a hot summer day or want to turn the regular beverages into something a bit more exciting… 

In both cases, the Nostalgia Slushie Maker can be a true savior. You need ice and salt to freeze your favorite sugar-based drink or juices. And you can get 32 ounces of slush to enjoy and share with friends.

Features of Nostalgia Frozen Drink Maker

The Nostalgia RSM650 comes with many different features, but these are our favorite.

  • You can prepare up to 32 ounces of slush or other frozen drink at once, that’s more than enough for a party of up to 5 people, plus you can always make more.
  • Due to the easy-flow spout on the machine, the drink texture is extremely smooth and lovely to drink.
  • The machine features a detachable cup and tank, which makes it very convenient and also easy to clean.
  • Drip tray on the RSM650 is an excellent feature to have, as it prevents the slush from spilling on the counter and making a mess.
  • Unlike other slush machines, this one works great even with sugar-free beverages, we loved that!
nostalgia slushie maker

How to use the RSM650 Retro Slushie Machine?

The Nostalgia RSM650 Retro Slush Maker is an easy to use slushie machine, first you need to place the product on a stable surface near an electrical outlet, remember to keep the cord away from the water source. 

The blending chamber lid has two inlets – one for adding ice and another to pour the drink in the tank. 

Fill in the aluminum cylinder within one inch of the top with ice. 

Add ½ cup of regular table salt and ½ cup of water in the aluminum cylinder and cover the blending chamber with the lid. 

Slide the ‘ON/OFF’ button to ‘Freeze’ to start preparing your frozen drink. Pour your preferred beverage through the designated inlet. 

Remember not to fill beyond the ‘Max Fill’ line. 

After that, you need to press the ‘freeze’ button and the retro slushie maker will start doing its magic.

Once the mixture reaches your preferred consistency, shift the button from ‘freeze’ to ‘Dispense’. Place a cup under the spout, and turn the handle of the slush dispenser to the right to get your slushie drink. 

Relax and enjoy your first homemade frozen drink.

Pros – What we liked about the Nostalgia Slush Machine?

Most of the users are all praises about this product, us included. Here’s what we and other Nostalgia reviewers loved most.

Technical specification
Nostalgia frozen drink maker comes with a detailed, yet simple to use instruction manual, that will make the entire process much simpler.

Easy to use
The entire process of preparing a frozen drink is easy and hassle-free, especially if you read the instructions.

Easy to clean
It includes a detachable freezing chamber, tank, a cup rest and a drip tray. All the parts of the machine are very easy to clean.

Variety of frozen drinks
You can prepare a wide variety of frozen drinks as per your preference, everything from slushies, shaved ice, margaritas and other frozen drinks can be prepared with the Nostalgia slush machine.

It doesn’t take too much space
You can store the machine in the kitchen or other areas as per your convenience, it’s one of the smallest and most portable slushie machines ever.

We also have to mention the incredible warranty and support provided for the Nostalgia Slush Machine, in order to get that and also get the best price and free-shipping make sure to click the button below.
NOTE – The Nostalgia RSM650 Slush Machine is on sale in July, 2020.

Cons – What could be improved with Nostalgia Slushy Machine?

Multiple batches
The preparation time may vary based on the type of slushie one is preparing. Besides, users also said that for individual use, this product is perfect. But, for preparing party drinks, they might need to prepare it in many batches.

What do customers say?

Kim says: “I received this as a gift and absolutely love it. Being a kid I would always go to a place called “tropical snow” and it was flavored shaved ice. This is exactly what I grew up with and it is so easy to use and clean. My kids love it too! Takes a little bit to get the ice and salt mixture together but it’s worth the wait. You can either add flavoring to the mix or after you dispense it. Worth the buy!”

Kim posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review on Amazon

DB says: “Does a great job of making slushies. I use it every day. Well worth the price.”

DB posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review on Amazon

Kisty says: “This was great for the price and def taste just like 7-11 Slurpee’s. The only thing was it said to add a half of cup of salt to make it and the first batch was way too salty. Added less salt and we had a winner! Bought this for my son for Christmas and he loved it!”

Kisty posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review on Amazon
nostalgia slush maker

Nostalgia RSM650 Review Summary

The Nostalgia Slush Machine is ideal for preparing your preferred frozen drink right at your home. Anyone who likes frozen drinks or is looking to make refreshments right at home should go for the Nostalgia Slush Machine. 

It comes with a detachable freezing chamber, tank, cup rest and a drip tray. Since they are detachable, the machine is super easy to clean. You can prepare slushies for your personal use or for your entire family in one go.

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