Elmeco Slush Machine Review and Buying Guide

Considering you clicked on this post, chances are you already know about slushies and just how delicious they are…

elmeco slush machine

Instead of a long intro, let’s start with the review of the Elmeco Slush Machine FCM-2 right away and figure out if it’s the right slushie machine for you.

We’ve been looking for the best slushy machine and with that actively using the Elmeco FCM-2 Granita Slush Machine for just under 2 months, we’ve been using it a few times a week and here are our thoughts, opinions, and recommendations.

First, we’re going to start with the features we found interesting on the Elmeco Slush Machine – there were quite a few of them.

Features of Elmeco Slush Machine FCM-2

This product possessed a list of interesting features, here they are listed and described one by one.

Easy to clean and maintain
For us the ease of cleaning is one of those make or break buying factors, we’re happy to say that with the Elmeco FCM-2 most of the parts are detachable. 

With that said, you can already assume the cleaning is going to be extremely easy and simple, in fact, even though the FCM-2 is one of the bigger slushie machines, the entire cleaning process never took us more than 20 minutes.

Large Capacity
The Elmeco FCM-2 comes with 2 large 3.2-gallon bowls, which totals to 6.4 gallons of slush capacity. Not only is that enough for a party of about 50 people (all crazy about slush), it’d also be more than enough for a convenience store if you own one.

Another benefit of the 2 separate bowls is the fact that you can serve 2 flavors of slushies at once, once again, it’s perfect for any large gathering or a small convenience store.

elmeco slush machines

Preferred consistency
The double propeller mixing system allows you to select the desired frozen drink texture by switching a knob, it’s also quite amazing that you can choose a different consistency for each of the bowls.

Programmable Defrost Activation
With this feature, you can activate the standby mode and the machine will slowly defrost the slush mix, so you can either make it again at a later time or simply clean out the machine.

Amazing warranty
Last, but not least, is the incredible extended warranty of up to 5 years provided by Elmeco. There are also other promotions like free shipping, full money-back guarantee going on at the moment. 

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How to use the Elmeco Slush Machine FCM-2?

First off remove the top cover of the bowls and pour the slush mix into the transparent tanks.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose to pour different flavors/slushie mixes in each of the tanks.

Switch on the machine with the power switch and select “Slush” or “Cold drinks” option depending on if you want to use the machine as a cold beverage dispenser or a slushie machine.

As mentioned the machine also comes with the defrost timer, which you can use to defrost the slush and frozen drinks into either “watery ice” or a “cold drink”, those are the modes written on the actual machine.

How to clean the Elmeco FCM-2 Slushie Machine?

For the prolonged life span of the Elmeco Ice Frozen drink system, we recommend you clean it regularly, especially the units that come in direct contact with food items such as the transparent tanks and the dispensing spout. 

The cleaning process is very simple. 

First, you need to disassemble all the detachable units. Then you need to prepare a solution of 10 grams of baking soda with a liter of cold water. 

Soak all the parts you have disassembled previously in the solution. After some time, remove them from the solution, rinse and dry them. Then reassemble all the parts.

elmeco slush machine review

Pros – What we liked about the Elmeco FCM-2?

Like many other satisfied customers, we also really enjoyed using the Elmeco Slushie Machine, here are our favorite things about it.

A wide variety of frozen drink types
No matter what types of cold beverages you prefer, Bunn Ultra Slush Machine can help you make them.

The product comes with a user manual that gives you the step-by-step instructions along with a detailed diagram that makes it super easy to use the machine. 

Ease of cleansing
We have mentioned it before and we are mentioning it again. Most of the parts of this unit are detachable and hence the machine is really easy to clean and maintain. The manual provides you with proper cleaning instructions as well.

Digital clock/timer
The onboard digital clock/timer records and tracks the total hours of operation of the machine, it also reminds you if there’s a required service coming up.

Auto-diagnostic function
The onboard ‘Auto Diagnostic’ function eliminates the misuse of the product to ensure longer life of the product.

Cons – What could be improved with Elmeco Slushy Machine?

The machine is quite heavy, coming in at around 114 pounds, it definitely can’t be considered a portable slushie machine and we don’t recommend buying this machine if you’ll be moving it around a lot.

Elmeco Slush Machine Review Summary

This easy to use slush machine allows you to prepare different types of frozen drinks at the same time. 

It also allows you to prepare multiple flavors in large amounts. You can also produce the consistency of your drink as per your choice. The digital clock and smart auto-maintenance features are also very nice things to have.