Cool Gear Slushie Maker Review

In the summer, when the temperatures are high and the sun is unbearable, there’s nothing better than being able to make a slushy right at your home in just minutes.

cool gear slushie maker

If you’re looking for a partner in crime, that will help you to make delicious slushies in just minutes, then the Cool Gear Slushie Maker will be your best bet.

It’s ideal for making any kind of flavored ice, fruit smoothies, ice coffee – anything that will help cool you down in the unbearable heat.

And if after reading our review of the Cool Gear Slushie Maker Cup you’ll think that it’s not the right slushie maker for you, be sure to click here and read more on the numerous best slushie makers.

What makes Cool Gear the right option?

Cool Gear Slushie maker is a portable Slushie Maker Cup designed to suit your slushy needs in four simple words:

Freeze, Fill, Mix, Enjoy.

How can you benefit from these fantastic four?


Easy to freeze ice cup that can be moved from one place to another. With such lightweight and portability, you can take it anywhere and store multiple of them in your freezer.

cool gear slushie maker instructions


Fill the cup to the fill line with your liquid of preference, this fill line is super useful to ensure you don’t overfill it.


With a straw spoon attached to the cup, you can even mix the liquid to get the desired slushie texture. The straw spoon allows you to mix until you get your desired texture and consistency.


Now that you have frozen and prepared your homemade flavored ice, it’s time to enjoy it with you and your friends.

Easy to clean

Luckily, the enjoyment of the slushie won’t be ruined by the thought of cleaning the Cool Gear Slushie Maker, because it’s super easy to clean and can be washed in seconds.

Cool Gear’s Unique Designs and Colors

Cool Gear Icee Cup is available in many incredible summery colors such as blue, red, orange and green. These unique colors and their wide variety will allow anyone to get the color they prefer. Each slushie maker cup consists of:

  1. Outer sleeve
  2. Inner cone
  3. Straw spoon

While the inner cone is made of rubber, the outer sleeve is made of plastic to prevent and ensure no leaks. On the other hand, the straw spoon is designed for you to mix your slushie and scoop up every piece of the frozen delicious slush.

This model is recommended as a great choice because it has easy-to-use components that can be used by absolutely anyone, no matter the age. Yes, that’s how easy and simple the Cool Gear Slushie Maker is to use. Actually, let’s talk a little bit more about that…

Cool Gear Slushie Maker Instructions

Through the following easy steps, you can squish to slush in just seconds!

  1. Unbox the Cool Gear Icee Cup
  2. Twist to remove the inner core from the outer sleeve
  3. Hand wash and ensure it is completely dry
  4. Place the inner cone in the freezer for at least 6 hours,  preferably overnight to ensure that the inside is frozen solid.
  5. Pour the drink of your choice into the cup.
  6. Stir with the straw spoon to get a slush
  7. Stir for minutes until all the liquid turns into slush!

Yes, that’s it – it’s as simple as that.

One of the most popular Cool Gear Slushie Maker Reviews mentions how incredible easy-to-use and easy-to-clean this product is. And we couldn’t agree more.

No matter if you’re planning on making slushies for yourself or with multiple slushie maker cups, the process is easy and remains the same.

cool gear slushie maker review

Our Cool Gear Slushie Maker Review

In our humble opinion, the Cool Gear Slushie Maker is the perfect gift for any kid under 12 years old, at least that was our experience.

Our six-year-old daughter loves the slushie maker cup and uses it daily to make fruit slushies after lunch.

And the best of all? She even cleans and washes the cup herself, due to it being so easy and simple to use and clean.

Where to buy Cool Gear Slushie Maker?

Due to the popularity of the Cool Gear Slushie Maker it’s often out of stock, at the same time there’s also a counterfeit problem – be careful as there are many being sold online.

To ensure you get a real deal and to get free shipping, the best price and a wide color choice, the best place to get the Cool Gear Slushie Maker cup is by clicking on the button below.

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