What is a Slushie? – The Ultimate Slushie FAQ Guide

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what is a slushie

It is summer and you’re in need of a chilled and refreshing drink to cool you down. There are many cold drink options out there, but you want to get something different, maybe something slushy for a really hot day… Well, slushie is the perfect mix or treat during the hot summer, and luckily slushy machines have made it possible to make slushies at home in just minutes!

Slushie – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a slushie?

A slush, also known as slushy or slushie, is ice made of different flavors. It is a beverage typically made of flavored ice crystals. Slushies are flavored frozen drinks made with ice crystals from a variety of flavors: strawberry, lemon, grape, etc.

What are slushies made of?

Slushies are made by a mixture of sugar, flavor, and water.

Are slushies bad for you?

Slushies can also be referred to as juices. They’re not bad as they contain sugar that supplies Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) to the brain to energize it – this can ease mental stress. However, it can be bad, health-wise, when you excessively consume alcohol or sugary slushies.

What temperature does slush freeze at?

Slush freezes at zero degrees celsius (0°C) or thirty-two-degree Fahrenheit (32°F).

Is a slush a solid or a liquid?

Slush is a solid substance – invariably it is liquid turned solid.

How do slush machines work?

A slush machine is a machine/equipment used for producing a mixture of flavors known as slush. It works freezing liquid and then mixing the ice to create a slush texture.

If you want, you can read our full guide on how to use a slushie machine.

Can you put fizzy drinks in a slushy machine?

Yes! You can put fizzy or soft drinks in a slushy maker without any trouble. 

Bottled soda and fizzy drinks from a can work best, the slushies will taste especially nice if the drinks are cold prior to putting them in a slushy maker.

How often should you clean a slushie machine?

A thorough sanitization, cleansing, and seal lubrication should be done every week or after every 500 drinks – this is to ensure quality and healthily made slush.

are slushies bad for you

How to make slush puppies at home?

The following step-by-step procedures should be helpful in making amazing homemade slush puppies:

  1. Add sugar and boiling water to a cup or mug and stir continuously until the sugar is fully dissolved. Place it aside, so it cools down.
  2. Add the fruit or other ingredients to the cold syrup and add the ice cubes in the blender.
  3. Add the syrup over the ice and blend until it is even. If you still find some ice in the slushy, push them down with a spoon and continue blending.
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