How to Use a Slushy Machine – Step by Step Guide!

Who doesn’t love slushies? Learn how to use a slushy machine in a few simple and easy steps.

how to use a slushy machine

Slushie is a drink made with flavored pulverized ice. 

Flavored ice might be one of the best food inventions of all time. 

You must be wondering what is so special about slush makers and how they make the ice taste so unique? 

Well, for starters, while other frozen drinks contain tiny ice crystals crushed from ice cubed, slushie makers create their own slush from water.

The slush machines used at home don’t have the freezing ability, whereas commercial models come with this functionality. 

If you want to make a slushy cocktail, you must learn how to operate the slushie machine and today the team over at will guide you through the entire process!

Slushie Machine Instruction Manual

Like any other machine, Slushy Machines also come with typical operating instructions and a safety guide.

Before we go through the main process, let’s take a look at the instruction manual to help us use the frozen drink maker.

While filling the compartments for drinks, make sure that you fill it up to the minimum fill line and don’t go over the maximum fill line.  A jug of one gallon can contain enough syrup to make 90 12oz drinks and fill the compartment 3 times.

Keep in mind that you never add liquor in the Slushie machine. This will create a halt in the machine, and it’ll prevent the liquid from freezing.

Don’t try to adjust the knobs on the backside of the machine. The temperature adjustments are already pre-set according to the machine requirements. Changing them is not recommended.

Always check whether the drink compartments are closed and sealed. before powering on the machine. In case they are loose, push the plastic back and slightly downwards to reposition it.

Drain the machine after use. At first, drain the leftover slush and then fill the compartments with warm water. Let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes and then again drain it to wipe out the residue.

After using the machine for a few times, maintaining the machine in optimal condition will get a lot easier. The thing with using the frozen drink maker is that you don’t use the trial and error method to figure out how it works.

Slushy Machine Step-by-Step Guide:

Instead of trying to figure out the right way all by yourself, consider consulting with experts like bartenders or someone who already uses the machine. To make the best slushy, you need to gather up as much information as possible. 

In this post, we have narrowed down a sophisticated and straightforward guide to help you use the machine.

Step 1: Learn Everything About The Machine

There are several components of the machine that you need to know about. From the plastic bowl, lid, slush supply, mixing motor, drip tray, selection switch, to the sticker.

The machine has various stickers all around it that are safety signs, symbols, and labels. There are even some installation requirements for the slushie maker. 

The safety requirements include:

  • keeping it away from the heat-generating source, humidity, dust, water, and combustible gases;
  • store the machine indoors
  • cleaning it often.
slushie machine how to use

Step 2: Fill up the Slushy Machine

At first start filling up the canister with liquid, careful not to overfill it. The canister will have the optimal quantity labeled on it. Make sure that the liquid is dilute; otherwise, the slush supply will get clogged up.

For better performance, you can use the base that has been specially designed for the slush machine. The base has a 34° sugar level that corresponds to 64° Brix. While making soft drinks, dilute the base 1 to 5.5 using water. 

In case of other soft drink recipes or granite, follow the directions given by syrup manufacturer.

While using the machine, keep in mind not to use low-calorie drinks and fruit nectar with fruit particles in the machine.

Step 3: Turn On The Machine

Like any other machine, the Frozen Slushy Maker also operates on switches. Canisters have separate switches that can be used for both soft refrigeration and granite, i.e., smoothie or slushie. 

As you turn on the Power Switch, the fan motor will start operating. Select the freezing mode to make slushie and wait for at least an hour.

By default, the manufacturer has already set the granite viscosity for drinks. But in case you want to change the viscosity, then you can rotate the control bolt. To make thicker slushie, rotate clockwise, i.e., right. 

To make watery slushies, rotate both counterclockwise, i.e., left.

And that’s it; now the frozen drink maker will take over the job and create the perfect slushy for you.

slush machine instructions

How long does it take for a slushy machine to freeze?

There are many factors that affect the formation of slushies.

These factors include ambient temperature, initial material temperature, sugar level, etc.

Generally, when you use refrigerated material, it takes longer to produce the finished product.

If you fill the material in the canister when the material level drops to half in the canister, it will also reduce the slushie formation time.

As long as you follow the instructions, the longest time taken to produce the slush varies from half-hour to one hour.

To make sure that the process of the slush machine isn’t affected, you need to make sure that some things are accounted for:

  • To preserve the material inside the canister, use the soft drink mode.
  • Before switching off the product and leaving the material inside, be sure to freeze the content for at least one hour. It will prevent the formation of lumps of ice that might damage the spiral and motor.
  • When the slushie is in the canister, make sure never to turn off the slush supply switch as it might damage the motor and spiral.
  • Keep the frozen ice maker in a well-vented place to avoid overheating.

The quality of the slushy depends entirely on you. As long as you follow the exact guide, it will be easier for you to make the perfect slushy.
Another common question that we get is:

Can you put soda in a slushie machine?

Yes, it is possible to put soda in a slushie machine

Nowadays, slushie machines are often used to make Coca-Cola slushie and other soft drinks. So, you don’t need to worry about it. But, it is suggested that you avoid using alcohol in the machine.

Now, go ahead and try making your own slushy refreshment.

Do you have more questions about slushies and slushie machines? Consider reading our FAQ!

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